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Want to swap your week at Craigendarroch?

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Swaps requested:

Please note our new email address: contact@craigendarroch.co.uk

Lodge No
Week(s) owned

Email address/

Telephone number

Moira Mcilwain
6 or 8
I have lodge 95 sleeps 6 or 8 week 41 which I would like to exchange for week 42 this year. I would also be willing to rent it if anyone interested.
Andy Payne
15 - 2024
Opposite Tennis courts and looking down the Dee Valley

We would want to swap for a sleeps 8 during any school holiday period or, if we have to sell the week, we would want £600 for the week.

We are happy to pay extra to swap to a bigger lodge (possibly £300-£400)
Alison Graham
We would like to swap for week 43 from 2023 onwards
April Palmer
I'm looking to swap our lodge week 39 to one of the below weeks for 2023 onwards. 

Week 8 - Feb
Week 14 and 15 - Easter
Week 22 - May
Week 33- 35 - Summer
Week 43- Oct half term
Week 51 and 52 -Christmas
Brian Findlay

Looking to swap for 2 or3 bed lodge any week in Scottish school holidays week, spring summer or autumn.

On a permanent basis


07496 961492

Ken Gillies
I currently own week 15 of lodge 19 (sleep 2) and would like to swap or buy a 6 berth in weeks 44 or 45 . The week can also be purchased very cheaply
Ruth Gosling
71 & 62
30 & 31
Looking for a swap to a 3 bedroom lodge for one or both of the weeks
Adam Waller
42 - 2020 and ongoing
We would like to list lodge 57 in week 42 for swap.
This is a 3 bed lodge and we would be looking for a 3 bed lodge in week 43, on a regular basis from this year.


07575 606610

Claire Davies
We are looking to swap for a week within the English school holidays. We are open to any size lodge. We would consider a permanent exchange.


07900 901451

Barry Melton
Want to swap for similar in week 44 on permanent basis.
Ros Dunphy
Would like to swop/part exchange from a 2 bed to a 3 bed - week 43 on a permanent basis - understand additional payment may be required
07801 980439
Sheryl Sett
44 - 2020 and onwards

A permanant or ad-hoc swap is fine.

I have been coming to Craigendarroch since 1986. Our Lodge 57 is located overlooking the lovely pond at the far side of the grounds. Week 44 really is a beutiful time to go as the trees are a wonderful colour, the weather is usually very pleasant, and the park is very quiet as its not in tourist season and very few children are there as it's term time.

01482 841601
Janet Gibney

We would like to swap one of the weeks for a week in September or October possibly on a permanent basis

As we have two weeks together we would like to separate them and are open to suggestions if you have a week to swap


01202 848512

Please send an email to contact@craigendarroch.co.uk to specify the week(s) you have available to swap, and the week(s) you wish to use instead, together with the type of accommodation available at your lodge and that required. Please refer to the ads above for the information required.

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