Craigendarroch, Royal Deeside

Welcome to this unofficial website, set up to provide a service to timeshare owners at Craigendarroch. We feel that there is a need for owners to be able to communicate with each other, perhaps to arrange swaps of weeks at Craigendarroch or to advertise weeks for sale to other owners or visitors to this website.

Maybe you are a visitor to the site, and know nothing of Craigendarroch. If so, please visit our information page.

Our site offers a choice of facilities:

  • Arrange a swap (Advertise your requirements)
  • Review weeks for sale (Advertise your week(s) for sale)
  • Arrange a rental or advertise your week to let
  • Decode week numbers - see the Calendar
  • View a site plan
  • All about Ballater -
  • Gallery
  • Many Lodge owners have benefited from their advertisments here (particularly from 'Let' and 'Swap' ads - 'Sales' are more difficult!)

    We would like to think that some of you may like to contribute to the running cost of the site on a voluntary basis. To do so, please visit and make a payment (via your payPal account if you have one) to Follow 'send and request' - 'send money to friends and family'. We suggest £5 per ad might be appropriate. At your discretion - purely voluntary! Please contact our email address if you'd like to contribute but don't have a PayPal account. Thanks!



    We have no connection with Craigendarroch or Craigendarroch Owners Club except that we are owners of a week at Craigendarroch and thereby ordinary members of the Owners Club. Our site is not authorised or approved by Hilton International Grand Vacations Company nor by the Craigendarroch Owners Club committee.

    Please note our new email address


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